Let's get to know each other!

Hey guys, Jesy here! I'm a Louisiana based photographer who's always on the go! I picked up photography back in 2016 while I was a freshman in college. I started by taking my friends' senior photos for extra money while getting my degree! I went to the university of Louisiana at Lafayette and graduated with my bachelors degree in Biology. I always felt like I was having an identity crisis. I was a creative girl who loved fashion, photography, modeling and creating, but I also loved biology! I've always wanted to work in conservation biology. I love animals and being out in nature. I've always felt called to protect our wildlife. So after graduating in 2019 I researched prairie dogs and moved around Colorado and New Mexico for four months! Once I got home, I still wasn't sure what to do with my degree. I wasn't ready for graduate school, couldn't find a job to pay my bills, and then covid came shortly after. Throughout it all my camera never left my side. I love photography and it was always my creative outlet. I never saw my camera as a way to make a career for myself until my wonderful support system continuously encouraged me to make the jump to full time photography. So here I am 6 years later doing the damn thing! So here's to being a sciencey creative nerd!

Jesy + Indy

The two loves of my life are my fiance Indy and my kitty Mocha! They are literally my whole world! Indy is my personal cheerleader! He's a huge part of the reason I'm doing photography. I've never seen someone have so much faith in me when I have so little in myself! Indy literally believes I can do anything and pushes me everyday!

Before I started to photograph couples, Indy and I started modeling together! In 2019 we were asked to model at a huge photography workshop in Iceland and our modeling career took off from there! Since then we've been in front of hundreds of photographers' cameras. Knowing what it's like being behind the camera and in front of it has helped my grow so much as a photographer. It has has given me such a unique perspective.

In college Indy use to do wedding videography and he's my well trained instagram husband! So if you're lucky enough to meet him he is my second shooter/assistant/right hand man when he has free time!<3

Style & Travel

When I'm shooting my goal is to capture real moments and raw emotions. I like to keep things fun, while maintaining some sort of structure. I may give you a prompt or two, but I like to remember that we are telling YOUR story. I want you to look through your gallery and be taken back in time.

One of my favorite shooting techniques is capturing motion. I believe a photo that has a little blur really captures the emotion and tells a story. Don't worry though, we'll get those sharp focused photos as well! As far as editing goes, I try to keep it as timeless as possible but I will say I lover warmer tones and a filmy vibe!

To me traveling comes natural! I've lived in Italy and Hawaii, taken multiple road trips across the US, been to numerous national parks, took a few trips to South America and even moved to Colorado and New Mexico to study prairie dogs! I love nothing more than being on the go, so wherever you need me I'll be there! I'm the perfect travel companion with plenty of experience so any tips or advice you need I'll be at your service!